Chemicals & Supplies

Our complete line of ProTeam chemicals is built to provide you with clear, sparkling water all year long.

By using our High-Tech Tabs with Supreme Plus from ProTeam, we can literally guarantee that you will not have algae for the entire season.*

We offer water testing that is free to all patrons of our store. In the event that you are using other chemicals, water testing charges will apply at a rate of $15 per test.


State of The Art Computer Water Test

Stop in for your **FREE computer water analysis. Balance your water the right the first time, everytime.

Check out our Eco friendly line of pool chemicals. Introducing, Pool Basics! For your convenience its packaged in easy to handle bags. Whether you need 5lbs or 25lbs we have it! And for small pools or just a one time use, Pool Basic offers 1lb pouches in all dry chemicals and 4oz packages in algaecide and clarifier. You can also purchase single 3″ chlorine tablets. If you’re tired of trying to dissolve stabilizer, Pool Basic offers it in an easy to pour liquid form!

*Guarantee can only be validated by getting regular water testing and maintaining proper water chemistry, using only the ProTeam system.

**Free analysis with purchase of chemicals

We are available for curbside pickup, orders, and phone calls!